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Tasty, healthy, organic. Highly curated products from small farmers in India. Find out why.

Wild Coffee: Grown and foraged in the Nilgiri Bio-Reserve in India, this Arabica has been a joy for us to bring to market. Grown in high diversity shade (literally the forest floor), this flavourful Arabica is one of the most eco-friendly cups of coffee in the world. Read about the history of coffee, as well as the making of this coffee, from our Nilgiri trip report.

Great taste comes Cold Pressed. Try out our entire collection of organic, cold-pressed oils for your salads, baking, sautéing, garnishing and frying. But before that, pour out a spoonful and taste it. All the goodness preserved, something a refined oil can never be. Our oils are all indigenous oils in India, in use for a long time in various regions. Try them out as skin and hair care oils as well.

Coconut Oil: Recent valentine of the west, centuries old health companion of tropical coastal communities world over. Coconut oil is a tasty, versatile and extremely healthy cooking oil. Read more abut its history, its uses, and try it out. Not just in your food, but on your skin and hair. They will also love you for it.

Sunflower oil: Our Sunflower Oil comes from the state of Karnataka, in south India. The sunflowers are intercropped with vegetables, millets and lentils. It is a mild oil, with no strong aroma and taste, and hence lends itself well to dishes like salads and mild sautés. With its higher smoking point, it lends itself to recipes that require high heat, like grilling and frying.

Groundnut Oil: The arid region of the southern Deccan plateau in India is ideally suited for growing groundnuts. Grown organically, and cold pressed, it is full of the heavenly aroma and flavor of peanuts. A good cooking medium for most dishes, you will fall in love with its nutty flavor.

Mustard Oil: The west seems to have a propensity to identify one ingredient as a cause for concern in isolation, and influence popular opinion on food. Mustard oil is one more such victim. It is making its way into cuisines in the west, even though it is banned for sale as a food item. Read more about what a treasure the mustard plant is, and why millions of people in South Asia consume it, and lead healthy lives.