The above was a picture taken at our office when Anand was visiting us in Nov 2018.

 Sujatha is a dictatorial parent, health nut and an ex-techie. She worked on large scale internet software for 12 years before kicking the corporate bucket. She has been involved with organic food and farming communities for over 9 years, helped bootstrap the first weekly organic bazaar in Hyderabad, India (which has been continuously running  for the past 7 years). She continues to curate the bazaar, and has mentored similar farmer market models.

Farhan is the cofounder and trustee of Lamakaan, Hyderabad’s open cultural space, which is also a hub of events around sustainability and social justice. He helped host Hyderabad’s first organic bazaar, and volunteers with the Indian permaculture society. An incorrigible ham radio buff, homebrews low cost amateur radios. Believes that all world problems can be solved with a solder gun. Also believes in the power of decibels in winning arguments 🙂

Bhuvana is our Ops queen. She ensures the daily running of team Daana, and work Daana. All hell breaks loose when she goes on vacation 🙂 Data geek, foodie, and a bharatanatyam dancer are a few of her varied avatars. She is the one who “has” to try out all our products to ensure they taste good.